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Commercial Feasibility

The demand for hops has outgrown supply and 24 million pounds/year of new hops production is needed.

Research indicates that this demand for hops may be achieved by growing hops indoors.  More information is needed.

Durban Indoor Hops plans to construct and operate a custom growing facility to determine if hops can be grown profitably indoors on a commercial scale.


Hops is an medicinal herb that is best known for as the flavoring agent for beer.   It is also used in sleeping aids and herbal teas.

Hops is a perennial vine that grows up to 40 feet in height and takes up to three years to reach maturity.

Hops is grown outdoors where it is subject to the floods, drought, hail and pests and yields a single crop per year.


Durban Indoor Hops will grow hops for a one year period.  Hops will be grown in two greenhouses with one greenhouse designed for minimum cost and one design for maximum yield.  Data will be captured and analyzed to determine optimal indoor growing conditions.

Durban Indoor Hops will work with Ceres Greenhouse Solutions and Avolve d/b/a Colorado Aquaponics.  It will be supported by hops farmers, researches and selected experts on indoor growing environments, the hops plant and the craft brewing industry. 


In order to complete the Test, Durban Indoor Hops plans to raise$1 million through an investment crowdfunding campaign.

Durban Indoor Hops is completing the design of the custom grow facilities and the test protocol.  It is also building a crowd of fans in cooperation with the Brewing Investors Guild and the Colorado Investors Guild.  It has set a minimum goal of 50 craft brewers and 500 craft beer consumers to join the Brewing Investors Guild before launching its campaign.

Phone: 720 296 0372

7148 S. Andes Circle

Centennial, CO 80016

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